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D. E. Shaw is a world-renowned company for technology and investment that employs the top engineers in the world as well as computer science experts. The company’s software engineers are among the most skilled and well-paid professionals in the business. In this article, we’ll look at the pay range of D. E. Shaw software engineers and the elements that affect their pay.

Overview of D. E.

Shaw D. E. Shaw was established in 1988 and has grown to be one of the largest and most profitable hedge funds. The company employs a diverse array of experts, such as mathematicians, software engineers, economists, and physicists who collaborate to create the most cutting-edge strategies for investing and technology.

D. E. Shaw

Software Engineer Salary According to Glassdoor The median pay for a D. E. Shaw software engineer is $18,000 per year. However, it can differ greatly based on a variety of variables, such as the level of experience, the location, and the job title. The range of salaries of D. E. Shaw software engineers could range between $105,000 and $280,000 per year.

Experience Level

One of the most significant elements that determine the D. E. Shaw software engineer’s salary is experience and level. Software engineers who have more experience and knowledge within their area are generally paid higher wages. For example, at D. E. Shaw Software engineers who have 1-3 years of experience are likely to earn an average of $132,000 per year and a software engineer with eight to ten years of experience will make an average of $245,000 annually.


Location is another element that could have a major influence on the D. E. Shaw Software engineer’s pay. The salaries of software engineers in the company may differ based on the place of work in which they work. As an example, the typical pay for an engineer in the software department in D. E. Shaw’s New York office is $173,000 annually however, the average wage for a Software Engineer in the company’s Hyderabad, India office is $25,000 annually.

Job Title

The particular job title of a D. E. Shaw software engineer could also impact their pay. Different job titles are associated with various levels of accountability and expectations that can affect the pay of a software engineer. For instance, the senior software engineer with D. E. Shaw could be paid more than an associate software engineer or software engineer associate.

Benefits and Perks

Along with the competitive pay, D. E. Shaw provides the software engineer with a variety of benefits and advantages. These include dental insurance, health insurance, vision insurance 401(k) matches, paid vacation time, and discounts for employees on various items and products. The company also gives employees opportunities for professional development and ongoing education, such as access to online courses as well as industry-related conferences.


D. E. Shaw is a top investment and technology development company that provides its software engineers the highest wages within the industry. The company is committed to the employees it employs and is committed to their professional growth by offering a wide range of advantages and benefits which make working at D. E. Shaw an appealing option that many computer engineers. While the salaries is for D. E. Shaw software engineers can be wildly different depending on the level of experience as well as location and designation, they are likely to receive a fair amount for their expertise and skills.

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