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The sprawling metropolis of Night City in CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is not just a dazzling spectacle of neon lights and futuristic skyscrapers. Beneath its surface lies a complex web of choices, each branching out to shape distinct narrative outcomes. The game, celebrated for its deep storytelling, boasts a multitude of Diverse Endings that are reflective of the decisions players make throughout their journey. With V’s destiny hanging in the balance, your choices, both big and small, culminate in various finales that can be heart-wrenching, uplifting, or downright unexpected. In this guide, we delve into each of these endings, revealing the paths to unlock them and the consequences they hold. Strap in and get ready to navigate the intricate narrative maze of Cyberpunk 2077.

Unraveling the Threads of Fate in Night City

The vast open world of Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t just about high-octane car chases and nail-biting gunfights. At its heart, it’s a narrative odyssey where each player’s experience is as unique as the myriad of choices they face. As V, a mercenary entangled in a web of corporate espionage, underground movements, and a glitching chip in the brain, players soon realize that every decision holds weight.

 The Power of Choice

From seemingly inconsequential dialogues to pivotal plot points, the choices players make in Night City ripple through the game’s storyline. These decisions determine alliances, test loyalties, and often blur the lines between right and wrong. In a city where everyone has a price, it’s these moments that determine whether V emerges as a savior, a villain, or something altogether different.

 Diverse Pathways to Destiny

There’s no one-size-fits-all ending in Cyberpunk 2077. Some finales are intertwined with romance options, while others hinge on relationships forged or broken in the heat of the moment. With so many variables at play, players often find themselves contemplating what could’ve been and are drawn back into Night City’s embrace for another ride.

 Decoding the Endgame

Whether you’re a veteran of Night City or a newbie just beginning to find your way, understanding each ending’s prerequisites can be a daunting task. However, with this comprehensive guide, we aim to shed light on each possible outcome, ensuring you unlock every narrative nook and cranny that Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer.

 FAQs about the Endings of Cyberpunk 2077:

1. How many endings does Cyberpunk 2077 have?

Answer: Cyberpunk 2077 boasts multiple main endings with slight variations based on specific choices. These include the Nomad, Rogue, Panam, Corpo, and Street Kid endings, along with a secret ending. Each ending reflects the cumulative decisions players make throughout the game, offering a unique narrative conclusion.

2. Can I experience all endings in a single playthrough?

Answer: While you can’t experience every ending in one playthrough due to conflicting decisions and branching paths, players can save their game strategically before key decision points. This allows them to return and explore different choices without replaying the entire game.

3. Does my chosen Lifepath (Nomad, Corpo, Street Kid) impact the game’s ending?

Answer: Your chosen Lifepath affects your character’s background, initial storyline, and some specific dialogues and interactions throughout the game. While it influences certain aspects of the narrative, it doesn’t lock you out of any main Diverse Endings. Each ending is accessible regardless of your starting Lifepath.

4. Are there any decisions that are crucial for unlocking specific endings?

Answer: Yes, certain decisions, especially those made during the latter part of the game, play a pivotal role in determining the ending. Relationships with key characters, your choices during major missions, and certain side quests can influence which endings become available.

5. Is there a “best” or “canon” ending to Cyberpunk 2077?

Answer: Cyberpunk 2077 is designed to reflect the player’s choices, and as such, there isn’t a singular “best” or “canon” ending. Each conclusion offers a unique perspective on V’s journey, making them all valid in their own right. The “best” Diverse Endings is subjective and depends on individual player preferences and decisions throughout the game.

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