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Software for presentation has become an indispensable tool to create and deliver multimedia presentations in a vast variety of industries, from business educational to. No matter if the software you’re using is Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides or another presentation software There are a variety of important terms and features you must be aware of. This article will go over some of the top popular software for presentation terms and features, as well as identifying which is not actually a term used in the presentation software.


Slides are the fundamental component of an presentation. It’s a single page or screen that usually contains images, text as well as various other elements of multimedia. Slides can be laid out in a linear fashion and in a nonlinear arrangement or modified with a variety of layout and design options.


A transition is an effect in the visual that is utilized to seamlessly transition from one slide to another. They can be as simple as such as a fade-in wiping, or more complicated, like the 3D rotation or change in. They can be used to add visual interest and make an engaging and lively presentation.


It is the act of adding motion and interaction to objects on slides. Animations can be added to images, text or other multimedia elements. They can be utilized to create effects, such as moving in, bouncing around or spinning. Animations can be employed to draw attention to particular aspects of a slide or to convey the feeling of motion and progress in an presentation.

Slide Master

The slide master can be described as a design template used to establish the overall layout and style of an presentation. It usually includes formatting options including color, fonts and backgrounds, in addition to placeholders for images and text. If you use the slideshow master you can make sure that your slide has a the same style and look throughout.


Collaboration refers to working in conjunction with others to produce an effective presentation. Most presentation software programs have collaboration capabilities that allow several users to create the same presentation simultaneously. Collaboration capabilities may include real-time editing comments and feedback and control of the version.


Vectors are a form of graphic image constructed by using mathematical equations. Contrary to bitmap images that comprise of pixels the vector images can be scaled up and down without sacrificing quality. They are commonly employed in presentations to design logos or icons as well as other graphics.

Answer: “Vector”

It is not an official software for presentation term. It’s a type of graphic image utilized in presentation software, but it’s not a distinct characteristic or term used in presentation software. The other terms in the article like transition, slide and the slide master and vector, are typical terms used in presentations and features used across a range of presentation software applications.


In conclusion, the presentation software has become a vital tool to create and deliver multimedia presentations across a broad spectrum of disciplines. If you are familiar with the most common terms used in presentation software and features, you will be able to make more effective and engaging presentations. The terms and functions listed within this post, which include animation, slide, transition and slide master, collaboration and vector, are all essential elements of software for presentation which can assist you in create more engaging and dynamic presentations.

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