7 hidden keyboard shortcuts you need to know on macOS

7 hidden keyboard shortcuts you need to know on macOS

Apple’s operating system for desktop computers, macOS, is used by consumers and professionals alike. In various fields, Macs are appreciated, as well for the photo, for the video, or for the sound and the digital arts more generally. In business, of course, Macs have their place.

And whether you use an Apple computer for work, or just in your free time for personal projects or for entertainment, you can have this drive to be productive . And who says productivity, necessarily says keyboard shortcuts .

Here are just 7 that you may not know and that could be of great service to you:

Show / hide dock

  • CMD + ALT + D

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Nothing more practical to make room on the screen and quickly put the app dock aside.

Cut / paste in Finder

  • CMD + C: copy one or more file (s) or folder (s)
  • then CMD + ALT + V: paste the file (s) / folder (s) in a location other than the Finder, implying the deletion of the source file / folder

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It is in a way the equivalent of “cut and paste” in the file manager of Windows. On macOS, we are instead entitled to a “copy / move”.

Immediate deletion of files / folders

  • ALT + CMD + Backspace: delete the file (s) / folder (s) selected in the Finder, without going through the Recycle Bin

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Be careful, with this shortcut, the Finder asks for confirmation of deletion. Once the deletion is validated, the deleted file / folder cannot be recovered from the recycle bin of course.

Delete in text

  • fn + Backspace: allows you to delete the text that comes after the text cursor

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Mac keyboards do not have a Delete key. This shortcut makes it possible to overcome this lack.

Paste and adapt the text style

  • CMD + ALT + SHIFT + V: to paste text by adapting it to the text style of the page

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This shortcut is used to avoid imposing the style of the text copied in a document where the text is already styled with a proper font and font size. Try it, and you won’t be able to do without it.

Emoji keyboard shortcut

  • CTRL + CMD + space bar: brings up, in any app where you can write text, the Emoji panel

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Adjust the volume more precisely

  • ALT + SHIFT + Volume “+” or “-”: to adjust the volume of your Mac with smaller steps than normally allowed by the Volume + and Volume – buttons alone

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So much for these 7 very useful macOS shortcuts, but not necessarily known to everyone.

Which ones did you already have in your Mac shortcut directory? And which ones did you not know yet?

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