A change is on the way for the AirTags software

As with the AirPods, however, it is not possible to interact with them.

Apple has started rolling out an unprecedented update to AirTags. Numbered 1A301, this one succeeds the 1A291 version which arrived last year . However, the developer has not specified whether additional features are included, but it is unlikely, as usual… It would not be the first time anyway: other devices such as the HomePod or the Apple TV sometimes behaves the same way.

It is also likely that the content of this new edition is above all a pledge of security ; it is therefore better not to delay installing it on your beacons. If some bugs prevent them from working properly, they could also be solved at the same time.

How do I update my AirTag?

In fact, as owners of headphones from the same brand and Beats are familiar with, owners of AirTags cannot update them manually. However, it is possible to check that your accessories are running well under the latest version of their operating system. To do this, the procedure is as follows:

  1. open the app Find My app on iOS
  2. go to tab Objects tab
  3. tap the name of your AirTag twice

The information sought is then displayed.

If unfortunately the expected version is not the right one, just wait . To ensure that the installation starts in the background, the iPhone paired with AirTags must be connected to the Internet and it must have sufficient autonomy. Of course, the beacon must also not run out of battery. If you are not sure, you can change its battery.

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