A particularly renowned journalist was targeted by Pegasus

And all this took place while Apple is suing the software publisher to stop its maneuvers described as espionage.

After spotting a new virus of the same kind called Predator last December, Citizen Lab struck again. The cybersecurity specialist has just published a new report in partnership with Front Line Defenders and which reveals other names of victims of the Pegasus spyware. The program had already been incriminated in the national press in 2021 .

Its goal ? Introduce discreetly into the smartphone of the target designated by the user and track their slightest telecommunications. Customers of this technology are mainly government surveillance agencies or law enforcement agencies. And today, it is the Jordanian decision -makers who are being singled out for having probably hacked into the mobile phones of influential journalists in their country.

Several victims

Several targets were isolated by the researchers behind this discovery, including Ahmad Al-Neimat . Defender of human rights , this anti-corruption activist is in prison at the moment but his iPhone would have been hacked around January 28th. The search would have lasted nearly two days, but it is difficult to estimate how much data may have been stolen.

Another victim: Suhair Jaradat , winner in 2006 and 2018 of the Al-Hussain Prize for creativity in journalism. His phone could have been infected thanks to a forged link contained in a text message received via the Messages application on May 11, 2020. Other attempts also affected Jaradat ‘s WhatsApp account , posing as an opposition Twitter user .

Finally, we can also cite the case of Malik Abu Orabi, lawyer and active member of the National Forum for the Defense of Freedoms . This time, his iPhone would have been compromised at least 21 times during the period from August 2019 to July 2021.


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