Advanced Safari Update for Macs

Advanced Safari Update for Macs

In all discretion, Apple has just put online version 129 of Safari in Technology Preview. As its name suggests, this version of the browser is mainly dedicated to discovering the latest improvements before they are sent to the general public. The main target? Developers, who then take the opportunity to test their apps and websites in advance, so as to avoid any potential bugs during the deployment of the final edition.

Moreover, it is relatively inadvisable to install the Technology Preview (TP) on a personal computer, at the risk of encountering a technical problem as yet unknown. Dwell on the official documents detailing the content of the TP is nevertheless a good way to find out what awaits you when the next Safari for macOS is released, which some have already seen during WWDC .

What’s up ?

Unfortunately, no additional option for ordinary users has been announced by Apple for the Technology Preview 129, which you can try by following this link . Several incidents were however resolved, in particular on the side of the web inspector, media, CSS and scrolling via the mouse wheel. A problem related to the graphics processor and WebGL has also been resolved. Finally, it is assumed that the software is now more stable than before as is often the case with this type of output.

The rest of the news, which will mainly interest publishers, can be accessed at this address (in English of course) . Have you noticed any other differences with Safari TP 128? If so, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments: we will be happy to share your discoveries.

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