Apple Music: Spatial Audio boosts audience

Apple Music

Artists who offer this feature see their number of listens increase.

Last June, Apple began offering its proprietary technology called Spatial Audio on Apple Music. Concretely, it allows the sound to be diffused from several directions in order to further immerse the listener. So much so that some are already starting out with “ three-dimensional  ” music.

Eight months later, the results seem generally positive if we are to believe an article from Billboard . The leaders of Apple Music have explained that more than half of their subscribers listen to songs in Spatial Audio.

Significant audience gains with Spatial Audio

And for the artists who have opted for this new technology, it’s the jackpot. The example of The Weeknd is very obvious in this respect. The Canadian singer has chosen to reissue his flagship album Starboy dating from 2016 in Spatial Audio. Good for him, since the number of first listens jumped 20% in the eight weeks following the launch.

The observation is the same for Billie Eilish who offers this feature for “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go”: + 20%. Finally Post Malone, and Taylor Swift have also had flair by re-editing some of their songs with great progressions.

Quoted by our colleagues, Rachel Newman specifies on this subject: “  We are seeing a considerable increase in the back catalog of artists because they involve their fans in a new way of listening to music. Part of the key has just been to ensure that Spatial Audio is highly accessible for all artists, regardless of skill level.  »

For your part, have you tested the Spatial Audio, and if so, what did you think of it?

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