Apple Watch: blood sugar monitoring coming soon?

Apple Watch: blood sugar monitoring coming soon?

The Apple Watch is not a simple watch, it is a real gem of technology that, since its launch, has made it possible to measure various variables of our health in order to carry out daily monitoring. The benefits of the Apple Watch are no longer to be proven, in less than 10 years of existence, the Apple Watch has already managed to save hundreds of lives.

But Tim Cook and his teams do not intend to stop there. Each year they offer a new watch, and each year they offer a new sensor, a new feature that should make it possible to further improve the monitoring of our health. The latest news is a sensor that measures the level of oxygen present in the blood, one of the most important data that could, according to several clinical trials still in progress, make it possible to identify the most severe forms of Covid-19.

In this quest to always better monitor our health, Apple has been working for years on a sensor capable of monitoring blood sugar. Thus one of the oldest partners of Apple with regard to its connected watch, Rockley, would be on the verge of developing a sensor capable of measuring the level of glucose in the blood, and thus of checking the blood sugar of people with a simple analysis.

This feature is eagerly awaited by millions of people around the world because it could almost instantly turn their lives upside down. In the United States alone, 34 million people have diabetes and therefore need to monitor their blood sugar every day. In France, nearly 3 million people are affected by some form of diabetes according to figures from the French Federation of Diabetics.

A sensor soon on the Apple Watch?

This pathology now requires patients to prick themselves and then analyze a drop of their blood in a small machine. This somewhat archaic operating method is the only one, for 50 years, which is precise enough to allow the measurement of patients’ blood sugar. Despite the research efforts undertaken for more than half a century, no less restrictive solution has yet been found, but this could change very quickly.

Indeed Rockley recently provided documents to the SEC – the body in charge of regulating the stock exchange and the American financial markets – within these papers, several made reference to the close collaboration existing between Apple and this modest British company. It is also said that the small English company is in the process of conducting various tests for several of its new sensors, capable of measuring body temperature, blood sugar levels, but also the level of alcohol in the blood.

If for the moment these tests seem to be an encouraging sign, they do not mean that these new sensors will make their arrival with the next Apple Watch . The road is still long for the Cupertino company and its partners before being able to market such sensors. Yet the solution seems never to have been so close for the millions of people with diabetes.

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