Apple Watch: is the watch useful for preventing thyroid problems?

Apple Watch: is the watch useful for preventing thyroid problems?

Apple Watches are already capable of performing miracles in the field of health, and thyroid problems could be added to the list of possible diagnoses.

It’s no longer a secret to anyone, but the Apple Watch is able to spot a large number of diseases, including heart problems , sometimes well before the first symptoms appear, and “classic” diagnoses. A medical school student in Australia is also convinced that the connected watch from Apple would be able to prevent thyroid disorders.

She posted a video on her TikTok account on February 2, encouraging her audience to activate notifications for heart rate changes, whether on very high or very low frequencies. During the video, she explains in particular that a problem was detected in her thyroid.

She is certain that her Apple watch could have helped warn her of these medical risks if the notifications had been activated before. “Instead of waiting for the symptoms to get really bad, I could have gone to the doctor in October, when there was this dramatic drop in a few days ,” she explains, showing a screenshot of a graph from his Health app, which lists his day-to-day heart rate.

No study has yet been done on the subject.

If the student from Sydney reminds us that the Apple Watch should not be taken for a doctor as such, the Apple watch remains a very good tool before going “to deepen things”. According to her, this makes it possible to notice the changes earlier, and to have medical care before things really get worse.

There are currently no scientific studies that have been done on the possible links between heart changes and thyroid problems. This story could be a good gateway for the scientific world, which is already very interested in the rather extraordinary capacities of the Apple Watch , and in particular those of its heart sensor.

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