Apple Watch Series 7: flat edges like iPhone 12?

Apple Watch Series 7: flat edges like iPhone 12?

As Apple’s back-to-school keynote is fast approaching, the latest rumours are giving more and more specific details on what should happen in the coming weeks for Cupertino. If the iPhone 13 occupies a good part of Apple’s news today, Apple’s other products are also on the verge of being released, and rumours regularly take stock of them.

This is particularly the case of the Apple Watch, the latter should be released in its “Series 7” at the start of the school year, and new images have just given an overview of the final rendering of the watch, which could be very different from what we know so far.

For the moment, Apple has remained very discreet when it comes to its connected watch, the Cupertino company is currently testing watchOS 8, in beta, but has not even confirmed the “Apple Watch Series 7”, whose release is yet expected for the next few weeks.

An Apple Watch with flat edges

Thus, according to the drawings of 91mobiles, the watch would be more square than the previous models. Thinner, it should also make room for larger speaker grilles on the left side. Overall, it should marry a design closer to that of the iPhone 12, with flat edges and assumed angles.

If 91mobiles is not a safe bet when it comes to leaks at Apple, the latest publications on this site are consistent with it. Indeed he provided precise details on the iPad Air 2020 and ventured into equally precise renderings of the iPhone 13. The future will tell if this rendering offered today for the Apple Watch Series 7 was correct or not. Regarding the Cupertino company, the latter should present its products on September 14 or 21 according to the latest rumours.

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