Apple Watch Series 8: what can we expect?

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple would plan substantial improvements on its connected watch.

Little by little, information is reaching us on the next Apple Watch Series 8. We still do not know its launch date but logically, it should be done during the month of September this year.

In his latest Power On newsletter on Bloomberg , the always very well-informed Mark Gurman gave news of the Cupertino company’s next connected watch. He puts it bluntly, this year’s model may well be ”  the biggest [evolution] in Apple history  ” since the first Apple Watch.

A sensor to measure the glucose level?

The expert says to expect the arrival of an Apple Watch Series 8, as well as an updated Apple Watch SE, and an Apple Watch dedicated to extreme sports. The major changes he foresees are in the monitoring of activities, while he says he expects improved performance.

On the other hand, he adds: ”  I don’t think there will be any significant new health sensors this year  .” Finally, Mark Gurman believes that the Apple Watch Series 3 could be withdrawn from the market.

Remember that other noises have already reached us about the Apple Watch Series 8. The connected watch could contain an infrared sensor capable of measuring the level of glucose in the blood. The opportunity in particular to identify type 2 diabetes and certain unhealthy behaviors linked to a sedentary lifestyle and, for example, the consumption of food that is too rich in fatty acids.

We just have to wait a few months before the Apple brand presents us with its new model. Until then, you can read our article dedicated to the possible sizes of the Apple Watch Series 8.

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