Best VPN for Smart TV: LG, Samsung, Sony and TCL
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Best VPN for Smart TV: LG, Samsung, Sony and TCL

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In recent years, our connected devices have become more and more sophisticated and TVs are no exception to this rule. Today, major brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Philips are getting started by offering Smart TVs.

It is therefore possible to connect your television to the internet and benefit from additional comfort, especially when it comes to watching streaming content. Each of these televisions is equipped with an Android interface that allows you to control your TV like a smartphone. The display is simple and intuitive, Smart TV is on the rise.

To enjoy it more, many users do not hesitate to download a VPN application on their Smart TV. If you’re here, you probably are. By changing the TV’s IP address, you can access programs blocked in a country. For example, the Netflix application can show you the US catalog, even though your Smart TV is in France. This is a real advantage for accessing more content, at no cost.

However, the performance varies from one VPN provider to another: the choice of VPN on Smart TV is not to be taken lightly because some can slow down your connection. In addition, some software is simply not compatible with connected televisions. To help you figure it out, we’ve listed the best VPN on Smart TV in 2022 below.

Beyond finding a VPN compatible with Smart TVs, you must then understand how to install it. To make your job easier, we have produced a small step-by-step guide, below, which will guide you on the procedure to follow. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email to find out more.

Top 4 with the best VPN on Smart TV

When you want to use a VPN on your connected TV, there is an essential element to take into account: speed. Indeed, the VPN must offer a fast speed so as not to slow down your television at the risk of compromising your use. If the bit rate is too low, the image quality will be poor – and the risk of program skipping is high.

Following our tests, we have selected 4 VPNs that offer very good speed performance and a wide choice of servers. Here are the best VPNs designed for Smart TV. This ranking will be updated over time, depending on everyone’s progress.

1) ExpressVPN

The ExpressVPN application on connected TV is very modern and intuitive, like those we know on Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad. The sobriety of its interface is ideal for daily use, even for people who are not used to using a VPN. This is also the reason why it is the most popular VPN on Smart TV.

By clicking on the drop-down menu you will be able to access its list of countries in order to hide your apparent location and simulate another virtually. The size of the ExpressVPN network is substantial: it has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries. In total, 160 different locations can be obtained from your television since its servers are sometimes present in several places in the same territory.

In France, for example, you will have the choice between 3 different locations and more than 24 in the United States. By connecting to the United States, for example, you will be able to access local TV channels, or content from local streaming platforms (Hulu, Dazn, Netflix). In the end, your Smart TV with VPN becomes much more interesting.

ExpressVPN Android TV app © iPhone

ExpressVPN Android TV app © iPhone

Beyond its complete network, what we really liked was the connection to the VPN server, which is very fast and very stable over time. When you use this VPN on Smart TV, you won’t have to experience disconnections or interruptions during your viewing. Your connection will also be end-to-end encrypted to protect your data.

Thanks to ExpressVPN, your streaming experience will be significantly improved. As we have seen, you will be able to simulate multiple locations to unblock Netflix and content from around the world. In addition, its servers are fast and have no bandwidth limits, which will allow you to browse freely and stream without impacting your speed.

Although the price of the ExpressVPN subscription is a bit high, the smoothness of its connection and its features are worth the cost. Especially since its application can be used on 5 devices at the same time, which can quickly make your purchase profitable. You can typically use it on your Smart TV, computers and smartphones in parallel.

Also note that you will have 30 days to test the application and request your full refund in case of dissatisfaction. It’s a good way to test the VPN service on your Smart TV, and convince yourself of its effectiveness. Learn more about ExpressVPN here:


2) CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a very reputable VPN that has apps on various devices, including Smart TVs. The latter being very successful, it gives it second place in our ranking of the best VPNs on Smart TV in 2022.

CyberGhost VPN has a large infrastructure gathering nearly 6,500 servers in 89 countries. It also stands out from its rivals by providing servers dedicated to streaming activities in a very distinct category. If you use CyberGhost VPN on your Smart TV, you will definitely use these servers. Depending on your preferences and your position, you can for example choose to connect to its server optimized for US Netflix or for a French TV channel if you are abroad.

CyberGhost Android TV app © iPhone

CyberGhost Android TV app © iPhone

If you have no particular desires in terms of content, it is possible to connect directly from the “best place” option. CyberGhost VPN’s smart algorithm will find the best server for your location. You will then benefit from a fast but above all secure connection thanks to AES-256 encryption. Obviously, you can deactivate the VPN at any time to stay on the classic IP.

Subscribing to a CyberGhost VPN package will allow you to enjoy these many advantages wherever you are. For more convenience, you will also have the possibility of using the VPN on 7 terminals simultaneously thanks to a single account.

To finalize the installation of CyberGhost VPN and use it on your TV, all you have to do is enter the address indicated in your web browser ( and enter the code displayed on the screen. Admittedly, it’s a detail but it’s still much simpler than having to manually enter your username and password using a remote control.


3) SurfsharkVPN

Surfshark completes the podium of our ranking of the best VPNs for connected TVs. You will certainly like it thanks to its interface that is both readable and complete. In addition, it is renowned for two other advantages: its ultra low price and the number of unlimited connections. No premium competitor is able to compete, that’s a real strength at Surfshark VPN.

To connect your TV to the Surfshark VPN, it’s very simple. You can do this yourself by browsing its list of countries or let Surfshark choose the fastest server for you. You will then see the new IP address assigned to you.

The provider provides more than 1,700 servers in 63 countries. Even though it has a smaller network than ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, its servers have the advantage of having no bandwidth caps or buffering, which is great for streaming.

Surfshark Android TV app © iPhone

If you already have a Netflix account, the Surfshark application on Smart TV will allow you to unlock around fifteen different libraries, including the most popular (US, Canada, UK, Japan). Thanks to the power of its servers, the streaming platform does not detect any proxy errors. The same goes for other streaming services as well as YouTube and Spotify.

On its Smart TV app, the VPN offers advanced features like Static IP and MultiHop. MultiHop adds an extra dose of security by routing your traffic through two servers in two different countries. Depending on your activities, it may be interesting to activate it, but you should know that the connection may be a little slower.

To configure the VPN and establish the first connection to the Smart TV, Surfshark offers a QR Code to scan with your smartphone, which offers real convenience. This step must be performed from the Surfshark app on your smartphone. It must therefore be installed beforehand.

Last but not least, your Surfshark VPN subscription will give you simultaneous connections on an unlimited number of devices. Perfect for everyone around you to enjoy.


4) NordVPN

We finish this top of the best VPNs for Smart TV in style with NordVPN. This VPN well known to the general public has proven itself with its quality VPN service and a multi-support application. It is therefore natural that NordVPN highlights its application designed on connected televisions.

Although the interface is a little different from that on a computer, tablet or phone, getting started is quite fast. It’s up to you to browse the locations offered by NordVPN from its list of 59 countries and connect to them by simply clicking on them. In all, NordVPN has over 5,000 servers, which multiplies the IPs.

NordVPN Android TV app

NordVPN Android TV app © iPhone

The NordVPN application on Smart TV differs from the others by offering specialized P2P and obfuscated servers. As the name suggests, P2P servers are ideal for torrenting activities. If you live in a place where digital censorship is heavy, NordVPN’s obfuscated servers will come in handy for you to bypass even the tightest restrictions.

Despite speeds a little lower than its 3 competitors above, NordVPN remains a very good choice because its application on Smart TV is complete and secure.


How to Install a VPN App on Smart TV?

Smart TVs have the advantage of being connected to the internet and having a very intuitive interface, so that the installation of most applications is simple. On the other hand, with regard to VPN applications, it is necessary to differentiate connected televisions which use the Android operating system (Sony and TCL most of the time) from others (LG, Samsung, etc.) since the installation differs .

Smart TVs using Android

If you have a TV from Sony or TCL, there is a good chance that it works via the Android operating system. In this case, you will be able to install a VPN very easily directly from Google Play Store as you would with any other application.

Note that before downloading a VPN to your Smart TV, it is best to subscribe to an offer. To do this, go to the site of one of the four providers presented above. Once your purchase has been made and your account created, all you have to do is enter your login details or scan a QR code to be able to use the VPN from your TV. You can then choose a server and connect to it easily as on other media.

Since the best VPNs for Smart TV mentioned offer at least 5 simultaneous connections, you can easily activate your VPN on your TV, computer and smartphone at the same time.

Smart TVs that don’t run Android

In case you have a smart TV from other brands than Sony or TCL, the installation of the VPN is different since the operating system is not Android. For example, for LG it is webOS and for Samsung it is Tizen. Unfortunately, these latest OS are quite closed, which makes it impossible to install a VPN application directly. Several VPN providers have therefore found a solution by offering installation from Smart DNS or manual configuration of the router to which the television is connected.

However, these manipulations are quite complex and they are not worth a dedicated VPN application designed directly on Smart TV as is the case with Android. That’s why we advise you to get the Fire TV Stick from Amazon. For less than 40€, you will benefit from the Android ecosystem.

Not only will you be able to download a VPN very simply, but you will also have access to other applications. Although they are centered on Amazon, we find the main ones like Netflix, YouTube, Molotov TV, Plex or Spotify. The Fire TV Stick is therefore ideal for installing a VPN on your connected TV.

Verdict: ExpressVPN, the reference on Smart TV

In all of our Smart TV tests, only a handful of VPNs have proven to be up to the job. These are ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshark and NordVPN. Among our final selection, ExpressVPN stands out above the rest .

Its application alone brings together multiple features and many advantages. As a reminder, ExpressVPN on Smart TV offers you:

  • locations in 94 countries around the world
  • a fast and limitless connection for streaming and live TV
  • access to blocked sites and platforms
  • encrypted and secure traffic
  • five simultaneous connections on your devices
  • 30-day free trial with its money-back guarantee
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