Facebook and Instagram soon to be removed from the App Store?

Lawmakers are at odds with the California giant, over privacy concerns…

Difficult to miss in recent years: Apple, Google, Facebook and others have become so powerful that the various institutions are seriously questioning their hegemony. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network in particular, which has several of the most used apps on the planet, is regularly scrutinized by officials from the old continent.

The European Union is currently investigating the transfer of data between local Meta customers and its servers, located in the United States. A practice which is still not illegal to date, but which could soon be limited by a series of ordinance in good and due form. Which is of course not to the taste of the accused, who would then risk cracking down by putting her services offline to avoid losing face.

A very serious information

This is what Meta explains in a document recently exchanged with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the American equivalent of the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers in France). And yes, the hexagon is potentially concerned given its place of choice within the EU and its own grievances against Facebook .

Among the platforms in danger, we can notably cite WhatsApp which, despite more and more welcome updates, still worries about its management of private information communicated by Internet users . Another brand subsidiary: Instagram and its nearly twenty million members in France, now more favored by the youngest to the detriment of Messenger.

Several assets in hand for Facebook

In any case, the negotiations are not yet over and promise to last a few more weeks. It must be said that with 5.5 million euros spent on lobbying in 2020 , Meta is among the most insistent influencers of the deputies who sit in Brussels.

On the other hand, the sanction is also likely to take the form of a simple fine , as was already the case in the past. In this case, it will only be a simple minor brake on the activities of the group, whose turnover is already particularly well optimized.

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