He used an AirTag to spy on his victim

He used an AirTag to spy on his victim

Issues of misuse of AirTags are becoming a concern.

This is a story that once again illustrates the misuse of AirTags. In Pennsylvania, a man was arrested after placing a Cupertino company tracker inside a car.

Specifically, the victim reported to the police that she had received a notification that an AirTag was near her, that it was tracking her position. Not having such a device, she immediately understood that something was wrong. The accused, aged 56, denies the facts. The woman he was harassing was already the subject of a protective measure against him.

Apple says it takes privacy issues very seriously

In front of the police, the man showed his iPhone and he ”  deleted the AirTag in front of the officer  “, iMore reports . He has since been charged. Following this case, Apple indicated that it takes AirTag privacy and security very seriously. She adds that its design was made with anti-harassment functions, and that it was precisely this alert system that made it possible to find the suspected person.

Remember that this is far from the first time that AirTags have been singled out on the issue of respect for privacy and the risk of espionage. Recently, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a Consumer Advisory Notice.

In particular, she mentions the problems caused by the misuse of these accessories. Some New Yorkers, for example, have found AirTags attached to their cars or in their handbags. Therefore, she encourages residents “  to be very careful with their personal belongings and to follow the advice provided by my office to stay safe.  »

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