iPhone XR trade-ins are going strong

This is what emerges from a recent study that has just been published.

Released in September 2018, the iPhone XR is for the fifth consecutive month the most returned smartphone in the United States, as part of Apple’s take-back programs which allow you to benefit from a discount on the purchase of a new one. device.

Average iPhone trade-in age is increasing

This is one of the fundamental lessons offered by Assurant Inc in a recently published report. The experts also note that the volume of takeovers increased significantly in the first quarter: + 17%. In the end, therefore, it proved beneficial to US consumers with an additional $784 million in their pockets.

As we indicated above, the iPhone XR is therefore the smartphone that does best in this little game and it accounts for 33% of the phones returned during this beginning of the year, just ahead of the iPhone. 11 which accounts for 31% of this total. On the competition side, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the most rendered Android device for the seventh consecutive quarter.

Note also that the average age of takeover hardly varies at Apple, going from 3.35 years in the last quarter of 2021 to 3.39 from January to March. There is clearer progress on the Android side: from 2.97 to 3.29 years.

This report also brings good news for Apple on the wearables side, since the Apple Watch Series 7 is the product with the highest trade-in value: 195 dollars, ahead of the Apple Watch Series 6: 148 dollars.

In any case, the study shows the dominance of the Tech giant in the United States on the smartphone market . The device is clearly the idol of young people with a very low number of Android users.

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