Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

Apple has emulated.

At the moment the annual mobile fair is taking place in Barcelona. ZTE, a Chinese manufacturer, took the opportunity to unveil the Nubia Z40 Pro. Particularity of the latter, it is equipped with a technology strongly inspired by Apple’s MagSafe.

For information, the MagSafe on iPhone includes wireless charging technology accompanied by an invisible magnetic fastening system. The MagSafe is found on the back of the iPhone 12 and 13 series. If you can attach a MagSafe compatible charger, there are other accessories that are not only made to restore energy to the machine. Apple notably offers a MagSafe card holder .

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On ZTE’s Nubia Z40 Pro, we find similar technology. The compatible charger can easily be placed on the back of the device, thanks to the magnets. And thus offer an optimal recharge.


ZTE is a manufacturer walking in the shadow of the two other Chinese giants in the smartphone market, Xiaomi and Huawei. However, it is recognized for offering innovative technologies on its products, often even ahead of the competition.

In the case of the MagSafe however, it is not the first on the spot. Last year, the Realme brand presented the MagDart, a similar magnetic charging technology. On the side of the Oppo brand, it is the MagVOOC which has already been announced.

On the other hand, there are currently few Android smartphones available on the market and equipped with such a MagSafe functionality. ZTE could therefore remain in the front runners, if its Nubia Z40 Pro does not take too long to reach the general public.

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