New accessories for AirTags at Otterbox

New accessories for AirTags at Otterbox

The collection is more affordable than what can be found in stores at Apple.

Rugged Case

Twenty euros: here is the price of the new Rugged Case for AirTag, a shell available in several colors and incorporating a ring (two different sizes of carabiners) to attach it to all the objects you do not want to lose. This is manufactured by the Otterbox brand, already renowned worldwide when it comes to protecting iPhones. For comparison, you have to pay about twice as much to afford an equivalent item in the Apple Store.

For the moment, however, this model is not yet available in France; we do not know exactly when he will land there. Four shades are available, priced exactly at $19.95 in the United States.

Figura Series Case

The principle of the Figura Series Case is similar, again with synthetic material edges that protect the AirTag against shocks. A welcome solution to track the position of your suitcases at the airport, for example. To insert the beacon into the support, simply clip it. Any engraving chosen by the user during purchase is then clearly visible thanks to the dedicated design of the accessory.

Price: 19.95 dollars here too, or around 20 euros. With a lifetime warranty included with every order placed from the Otterbox website.

Sleek Case

The last hull of the day is the most basic but also the cheapest since offered at 14.95 dollars, the equivalent of nearly 15 euros . Four colors are available: black, pink, purple or blue. Only one attachment size is offered, but it is always possible to replace it with a carabiner purchased from a third-party manufacturer if it adopts the same diameter.

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