Our opinion on the iPad (9th generation) and its technical characteristics
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Our opinion on the iPad (9th generation) and its technical characteristics

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The iPad (9th generation) is a screen with the following technical characteristics:

  • 10.2 inch diagonal
  • proprietary Retina and IPS technology
  • touch controls
  • LED backlight
  • native resolution of 2160 by 1620 pixels
  • density of 264 pixels per inch
  • True Tone, to adapt the colorimetry according to your environment in order to strain your eyes less
  • fingerprint resistance
  • 500 nit brightness

iPad 9 review (display): the simplest is often the best; this is indeed the case with the screen of the iPad 9.

technical specifications iPad 9 © isoftwareshops.com

Our opinion on iPadOS 15

The ninth generation iPad is powered by the proprietary iPadOS operating system, in its fifteenth version. It is a derivative of iOS 15, which fully exploits the entry-level characteristics of the iPad 9. Here is a brief selection, with our opinion on the best integrated apps.


This messaging app allows you to communicate directly with all your friends. You can call, send SMS, iMessages but also images and GIFs. With this app, the iPad 2021 also knows how to share live series in order to watch them together. This is then the SharePlay functionality, also compatible with Apple Podcasts and Apple Music.

Our opinion: an excellent alternative to Google Meet or WhatsApp.

review iPad 2021 © Apple


The iPad 9 has a larger screen than the sixth-generation iPad mini unveiled at the same time . Apple sells it as very convenient for work. And this is the case, at least in the medium term, otherwise it is better to turn to more imposing diagonals. Thanks to Split View, the iPad 2021 can notably run two apps at the same time, on each side of the screen. You can therefore, for example, use this iPad to read a source and transcribe it at the same time.


Apple Maps

With this made in Cupertino mapping service, the iPad (9th generation) gives you access to all the roads in the world in the blink of an eye. Perfect for preparing a trip or finding out about a restaurant before going there and avoiding disappointment, thanks to user comments.

Our opinion: the app has seriously improved with iPadOS 15. The iPad 9 can therefore compete with Google Maps on many points.

iPad 9 review (operating system): perfect.

Technical characteristics (performance)

The iPad 9 incorporates a homemade processor. This is the A13 Bionic, the same as in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. This chip is accompanied by a Neural Engine, to process all somewhat greedy tasks.

iPad 9 review (technical characteristics): a slightly dated CPU, but sufficient for such an attractive price at Apple.

technical specifications iPad 9 © isoftwareshops.com

Beautiful photos with the iPad 9?

The iPad 9 offers a camera with the following features on the front:

  • FaceTime HD camera
  • resolution: twelve megapixels
  • ultra wide angle
  • Retina-Flash
  • ƒ/2.4 aperture
  • HDR pictures
  • 1080p up to sixty frames per second

iPad 2021 review (selfies): too bad the iPad 9 does not offer Portrait mode.

Here are the technical characteristics of the back sensor:

  • Big angle
  • resolution: eight megapixels
  • aperture: ƒ/2.4
  • zoom: up to x5 in digital (no optical zoom on the iPad 9)
  • HDR pictures
  • burst mode
  • automatic image stabilization

iPad 2021 review (photo): the bare minimum.

review iPad 9th generation © Apple

And for videos:

  • 1080p at thirty frames per second maximum
  • slow motion available up to one hundred and twenty frames per second in 720p
  • zoom: 3x
  • stabilization
  • auto focus

iPad 9th Gen review (video): Apple is getting better, but serious movie fans will choose the iPad Pro or iPhone 13 Pro instead.

Hookups and wireless

The iPad 9 has several sensors, including Touch ID installed under the home button. This sensor allows you to unlock the iPad 2021 using your fingerprint. The iPad (9th generation) also has a 3.5 mm jack, to connect headphones or earphones such as EarPods. A welcome catch, which is unfortunately increasingly rare…

The iPad of 2021 is also the Lightning plug which is used for wired charging (no MagSafe or USB-C like on the fourth generation iPad Air, therefore, too bad). Finally, let’s add that the iPad 9 uses Bluetooth 4.2 (and not 5.0!) to communicate while it is the Wi-Fi which will be responsible for displaying the web pages.

technical specifications iPad 2021 © isoftwareshops.com

Ninth generation iPad review (connectivity): there is even the Smart Connector, so nothing is really missing for these technical characteristics.

A design not worthy of a 9th generation

Now that we’ve shared with you our positive opinion on most of the technical characteristics of the iPad 9, let’s move on to a sensitive subject. The appearance. Yes, the iPad (9th generation) resumes without flinching the format of its predecessor. In fact, almost nothing has changed. If not perhaps the weight, which loses three small grams with the iPad 9 Wi-Fi but gains 3 with the iPad 2021 4G. the thickness is still 7.5 mm for a width of 174.1 mm and a height of 250.6 mm.

To finish with the technical characteristics of the design, know that the iPad 9 is made of aluminum. Its shell is therefore quite fragile; we will see below it is better to invest in protection. The colors are: silver and space gray. Finally, and this is the big drawback of this ninth generation iPad: the borders are still far too wide. Some will say that we avoided the notch of the MacBook Pro M1 Pro, which is not false…

iPad 2021 review (appearance): No effort.

review iPad 9th generation © Apple

Apple ecosystem

With the iPad 9, Apple offers you a tablet that has technical characteristics close to a real computer. It is in this sense that many accessories are available to make the tablet more “efficient”. We think in particular of the Smart Keyboard, a complete keyboard for iPad, or even the Apple Pencil. But be careful, because only its first generation is compatible with the iPad 2021.

Of course, as seen above, we also advise you to buy a protective cover for your iPad (9th generation). There are silicone ones, or ones that cover the screen, like Apple’s Smart Cover for that matter.

iPad 2021 review (accessories): Too bad the second-generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard aren’t compatible with this iPad.

Battery: could do better

Officially, in any case if we stick to the figures provided by Apple, the iPad 9 offers nine hours of autonomy “ to browse the Internet via a cellular data network ” (ten in Wi-Fi). Of course, this is information to be taken with a pinch of salt. Indeed, to achieve such results, Apple has obviously spared its 9th generation iPad. The precise framework of its laboratory tests is obviously not communicated to the public, which in our opinion is not very transparent.

The technical characteristics of the iPad 2021 battery are as follows:

  • LiPo technology
  • not removable
  • 32.4Wh
  • rechargeable from the mains with Lightning plug and dedicated adapter, or via the USB-C port of a PC
  • no fast charging
  • capacity: 8557mAh

iPad 9 review (battery): enough for a train trip, maybe not for long distances by plane or to work in a lecture hall.

iPad 9 Reviews

Here we have come to the end of this opinion on the iPad 9. After having consulted all its technical characteristics, we can only be unanimous on one point: it is without hesitation the best value for money of all iPads combined. The iPad 2021 is thus priced under 400 euros, which makes it accessible to almost anyone. Even the second-generation iPhone SE is more expensive…

So certainly, the iPad 9 is not a monster of power. But for worry-free entertainment, this is the device for you. Price: 389 euros minimum.


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