Pixel Watch: photos of the future watch leak on the web

Pixel Watch

Someone would have forgotten a prototype of the Pixel Watch, future competitor of the Apple Watch, in a restaurant in the United States.

Google has been in the smartwatch market for years. Nevertheless, until now, the firm is content to provide the Wear OS operating system, based on Android, but does not offer Pixel watches.

But that could soon change, as for a while there have been rumors about an Apple Watch competitor being developed. According to previously leaked renderings, this watch would be called Pixel Watch. It would have a circular and borderless screen.

For the moment, Google has not yet teased this watch. However, a few days ago, alleged photos of Google’s future product began to circulate on the web.

According to the Android Central site, these images were sent by a reader. And it could be a prototype used by Google to test the product, which someone left in a restaurant in the United States.

Source: Android Central (image sent by a reader of the site)

These images corroborate other sources who had mentioned the circular screen and borderless design. Unfortunately, the charger does not appear on these photos. But it’s likely that charging will be via the back of the watch, like with the Apple Watch.

When the source of this leak tried to start the watch, the Google logo appeared on the screen. But unfortunately the operating system was not installed. As a result, we do not yet know what the Wear OS interface will look like on this Google product.

Source: Android Central (image sent by a reader of the site)

Another interesting detail. A box allegedly left with the watch reads: “This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada, nor has it been tested for compliance with EU regulations. »

This suggests that the product will likely be marketed in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Unfortunately, it’s unclear when the Pixel Watch will be released. But it is very likely that Google will lift the veil on this new gadget at its I/O conference in May.

Google has invested a lot for its future connected watches

In any case, this product will be very important for Google. Indeed, the firm has invested heavily in order to obtain the technologies necessary to compete with the Apple Watch.

In 2019, the firm paid $50 million to acquire part of Fossil’s R&D. It has also spent more than 2 billion dollars to buy Fitbit, a specialist in connected watches and fitness bracelets. Fitbit’s technologies should allow Google to equip the Pixel Watch with important health and wellness tracking features.

Finally, on the software side, Google has teamed up with Samsung in 2021. The two companies have decided to merge their Wear OS and Tizen OS operating systems in order to combine the advantages.

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