The Studio Display’s webcam is mediocre, it’s proven: why?

By wanting to do better, Apple has done less well. Because yes, there is also a serious advantage with this sensor.

Announced in March, the Studio Display is currently Apple’s cheapest external monitor. This device has the advantage of integrating a front camera at its top, which is not the case on the more expensive Pro Display XDR. Its characteristics are as follows: resolution of twelve megapixels, ultra wide-angle with field of view at 122 degrees and aperture ƒ/2.4.

Unfortunately, although these are normally sufficient specifications for video calls, a lot of users complain about the quality of the images captured with this equipment. The feedback thus speaks of too much noise , shots that are sometimes blurred or even whose appearance is quite simply “ washed out ”. A shame for Apple, regularly rewarded by critics for the camera of its iPhone .


But rest assured, there is an explanation for all of this. Indeed, the Studio Display also comes with a native solution called Centered Frame . This takes advantage of the space offered by the ultra wide-angle to follow the movements of the subject, so that the interlocutor does not lose sight of him. To be clear, if you tilt your head to the side to watch a bird through the window, then the lens will pick it up and adjust the frame so your face doesn’t stick out of the screen. Practice.

A system which, quite logically, results in a loss of resolution since the program “ zooms ” naturally to obtain the final result (the entire panorama that is actually visible is never called upon). It is therefore indeed a software issue, which we hoped to have been resolved with the recent update of the Studio Display to iOS 15.5. But in the end, it is not so since it is not a bug but clearly a deliberate choice by the developer, who is not going to decide to remove his feature so often highlighted.



In fact, Cupertino may well offer an option to disable Centered Frame when the user does not need it. Which, we are not going to hide it, should concern a majority of Internet users who have always done without it without problem. Moreover, this tool is a simple algorithm but does not translate into the interface: it is even possible that many customers do not even notice its presence on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, there is no indication at this time that Apple wants to improve the Studio Display’s camera accordingly. However, you can always turn to third-party accessories such as cameras from Logitech , or opt for a Smart Monitor M8 from Samsung  to remedy this at a lower cost.

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