Towards an inevitable rise in smartphone prices?

According to Bloomberg, Samsung expects chip prices to rise. Last week, a Nikkei article also mentioned a price hike at TSMC, the partner that supplies Apple’s iPhone processors.

If you’ve noticed that smartphones are costing more than their predecessors lately, it’s probably because of rising component prices. And unfortunately, the situation is not expected to improve.

In an article published this week, Bloomberg mentions a planned hike in semiconductor prices at Samsung. According to this article, the Korean giant would have indicated to its customers that this increase could go up to 20% from this year, in the second half.

As the American media explains, until now, unlike its competitors in the manufacture of semiconductors, Samsung had managed to maintain relatively stable prices, despite the shortage in 2021. But today, the company would face too many risks, including war in Ukraine, lockdowns in China, as well as interest rate hikes and inflation.

In any case, this decision by Samsung will certainly have an impact on markets such as smartphones, video games, as well as the automobile. And Bloomberg makes these revelations, while a few days ago Nikkei also mentioned a new price hike planned by TSMC .

As a reminder, TSMC is one of the main chip manufacturers, and it is also the company that manufactures iPhone and Mac processors for Apple. According to this Asian media, TSMC would have warned its customers that its prices will increase by 5% to 8% next year, while the company had already increased these prices in 2021.

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