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Victony Repeater Setup

Installation of a Victony Repeater Setup


Victony Repeater Setup: The Victony Wi-Fi Extender is a straightforward gadget that can be connected into any standard electrical socket. It features one of the simplest settings to get you started. The setup may be completed using any web browser without the requirement for a CD. According to Victony’s official website, the extender’s dual-band technology can enable you to attain speeds of up to 1200Mbps. The inclusion of four external antennas is a unique feature that allows the device to enhance the Wi-Fi range while keeping the signal healthy. It removes current wireless network dead spots with the help of extreme wireless coverage.



It’s simple to use, set up, and utilise, and it’s wonderful that this gadget has dual band ability. It’s wonderful that there are four antennas on this gadget, and that you can move them around to obtain a better signal. The Victony Extender configuration is the ultimate solution to all of your internet-related concerns.

The WPS technique is used to set up the Victony WiFi Repeater


  • To begin, connect your extender to your router using a power supply within close range.


  • When the device is connected, check to see if the power LED shows a solid colour image.


  • Place the WPS button on both the router and the Victony Wi-Fi Extender. If you find it, press the button on each device at the same time for around 2-3 seconds.


  • When you notice a green flashing light on your extender, you’ve successfully linked it to your network.


  • After 10-15 seconds, simply wait for the systems to recognise each other and begin setting up on


  • The lead on the extension turns a bright green hue after satisfactory contact.


  • You may now remove the extension from the location and place it somewhere in your home. For best results, the extender should be put in areas where the internet does not operate at all.


  • Let’s have a look at the alternative method now.


  • Some issues with ap.setup may be found here.


Using a Web browser to set up a Victony Extender:



  • Begin by connecting a power supply to your wi-fi extension. It is not required for you to keep it near to your router; you may do it wherever.


  • Keep an eye on the LED indication to see whether it changes to a solid green hue when the extension turns on.


  • Now, start a computer and connect to a wireless network, such as a laptop or a smartphone. Connect to your extender network using wi-fi.


  • After you’ve successfully connected to the network, open a new tab and navigate to the URL sign. After typing AP.setup in the URL field, press the Enter key.


  • “Finally, you will be requested for login credentials in both cases, and you will just need to enter” admin. Then, after clicking the login button, you’ll be sent to the dashboard. From here, simply follow the instructions outlined on the website to complete the setup.


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Mobile/Computer Connection to Victony Extender


Another method of configuring the Victony Wireless Extender is to use a wired or wireless connection from a mobile or PC to visit the settings page using a login IP address.


  • Connect the signal booster to the power outlet.


  • Using the mode selector button, select Repeater mode.


  • Connect a mobile/laptop to the “Victony Range Extender” SSID for a wireless connection, or a LAN cable from the Repeater LAN port to the PC LAN port for a wired physical connection.


  • Open a Web browser and type 192.168.l0.1 or Setup into the address bar to get to the login page.


  • To authenticate the device, you’ll be sent to a login screen where you’ll be asked for a username and password. For the first time in default mode, use the password “admin,” or if you’ve previously changed it, use the same password.


  • Begin The setup wizard and repeater will check all neighbouring wifi networks.


  • To authorise connection from the extender device, choose your existing WiFI network SSID and provide the password of the previous WIFI network in the following step.


  • You’ll acquire the Extender SSID name and complete the setup process in the following step.


  • The range extender will reboot and the setup procedure will take about 2-3 minutes.


  • Check the new Extender SSID broadcasting on your mobile or laptop WIFI. Connect using the same password as the old wifi network and verify that the internet is working.


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