Why TSMC can say thank you to Apple

The relationship is getting closer and closer between the two tech companies.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is one of Apple’s main contractors. This relationship, which has lasted for years, is essential for both companies. For the Taiwanese company, this American client provides it with a large share of its income, while the Cupertino company can count on the mass production capacities of its partner.

A very profitable marriage for TSMC

This link does not seem about to die out if we are to believe this latest report published by DigiTimes. Our colleagues estimate that TSMC should earn just over 17 billion dollars thanks to orders from the apple brand this year. A figure up 23.3% compared to that of 2021 when it stood at 13.8 billion dollars.

Also according to the Taipei-based media, Apple should soon receive new processors from TSMC. They would arrive in June and they would already be components planned for the iPhone 15. Proof if needed that the relationship between the two companies is a long-term one.

This information is not really surprising. In the past, we have already reported some very striking figures on this subject. To cite just one example, in the second quarter of 2021 , TSMC raked in $13.29 billion. However, nearly 20% of all processor orders received over the period came from Apple.

A boon for the Taiwanese company, especially since its gross margin would be colossal and equivalent to around half of its turnover.

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