Huawei Matebook D16 review: design & performance

Why the Huawei Matebook D16 is the PC for you Are you looking for a good laptop for less than 1000 euros? The Huawei MateBook D16 might be for you. Among its main

16 June. 2021 4 mins read

Victony Repeater Setup: Simple steps of installation – iSoftwareshops

Installation of a Victony Repeater Setup   Victony Repeater Setup: The Victony Wi-Fi Extender is a straightforward gadget that can be connected into any standard electrical socket. It features one of the

24 May. 2021 4 mins read

How to Track Cell Phones with Mobile Tracker Software

Everyone has become a part of the digital world because it is a core need of time. With the advancement, all of us have mobile devices for several concerns. The

21 May. 2021 6 mins read

Busting Myths About Logo Designing – iSoftwareshops

In this technological era, we have billions and zillions of informative data online. But we are not sure whether this data is authentic and accurate. You'll find false information, myths, and

20 May. 2021 5 mins read

Best HR Software: uses, categories & advantages -iSoftwareshops

What are the different categories & advantages of HR Software?  Most of the organizations globally have implemented some HR software in their process to simplify the operations. There are various software

17 May. 2021 5 mins read

YouTube Video to MP3: How to Download Any Video for FREE.

Do you like watching music videos on YouTube? Do you like music? So how about being able to download music from it for free? Well, know that it is possible and, in

08 May. 2021 3 mins read

Best VPN for iPhone: the 3 references, free and paid

IPhones are more and more powerful and Apple is working to ensure respect for privacy. For example, Safari which blocks trackers, the Maps application does not associate your data with your

07 May. 2021 13 mins read

SteelSeries MOUSE PAD: Our Opinion: Material, Lifespan

SUMMARY The Steelseries Mouse Pad Qck is the best budget rug. Indeed it focuses on the essentials: a good material that slides well, correct dimensions and a good lifespan. Nothing breathtaking

03 May. 2021 2 mins read

Short Test of the Dell Latitude 5400

After Dell released the sleek Latitude 7400 2-in-1, we were hoping to see some big changes across its line of business notebooks. Unfortunately, the Latitude 5400 clamshell model (starting at $

03 May. 2021 11 mins read

The Best PS4 Fan

Thinking of buying PS4 fan? The best PS4 fan can maximize the efficiency of your PS4 console. Wouldn't it be nice to increase your gaming hours while sitting in your gaming chair

02 May. 2021 11 mins read
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